4 Arizona destinations you need to (re)discover

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Jul 18, 2018, 5:29 AM | Updated: Jul 24, 2018, 1:31 pm


If you want to make the most of your next visit to the Grand Canyon State, take a look at these four must-see locations.

Arizona is a state that offers many of the country’s best natural, historic and leisure stops. From hiking and rock climbing to western shops and galleries, Arizona towns have something everyone can enjoy.

The following four destinations have solid mixes of sights, activities and refreshments that will give you a memorable time away from home.


Tubac is a destination in Arizona that many people pass over on their way to more famous sites. But if you want a place to see the real history of the state (Tubac is older than the U.S. itself), this artistic and welcoming place is the place to go.

Tubac is mainly known for its historic charm and array of over 100 shops and galleries, which provide visitors a good mix of intellectual and commercial stimulation.

“Established in 1752 as a Spanish Presidio (fort), Tubac now hosts working artists whose studios surround the former parade grounds,” according to the town’s website. “The village remembers this colorful history well at the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park, located in Old Town, where outdoor displays and an excellent museum bring it all to life.”

You can grab a bite to eat at local restaurants and stay the night at some of the town’s charming bed and breakfasts.

Grand Canyon

There’s a good reason that the Grand Canyon is consistently ranked as one of the most amazing places in the world, and you can’t miss out on seeing this truly awe-inspiring area.

The National Park Service states that the canyon is 277 river miles (446km) long, up to 18 miles (29km) wide and 1 mile (1.6km) deep. The huge scale of the geological formation is impossible to process unless you see it first hand.

Around the canyon, you can stop at multiple scenic overlooks, camp and find hikes that will reveal natural and historical splendor the Grand Canyon is famous for.

Plan your trip far in advance to avoid the crowds and make the most of your stay near this natural wonder.


If you’re ready to explore the scenic White Mountains and get your blood pumping while doing exciting outdoor sports, you can’t afford not to stop in Pinetop-Lakeside.

“The entire White Mountains area features tall pines, crystal clear mountain lakes and dozens of creeks and rivers that meander from mountain slopes,” according to Arizona Leisure Vacation Guide. “This means great trout fishing and colorful meadows of springtime wildflowers.”

You can also enjoy golfing and hiking in the summer or skiing or snowmobiling in the winter in this high-elevation paradise in the Apache/Sitgreaves National Forest, near the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation.


Prescott is known for its beautiful wilderness and historical center dubbed Whisky Row, which was the town’s main street in the 19th century. The western feel and many opportunities for recreational activities make the city a must-see for anyone touring Arizona.

“With four seasons of sports, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing, wildlife observation and more, we have something for everyone,” according to Prescott’s city website. “Join a team, go camping, take a class, come to an outdoor concert, plan a hike and picnic, go horseback riding, or simply enjoy a peaceful solitary day.”

After you’ve taken in the sites around the town, take a load off and stop for a Pacifico and authentic Mexican food at Casa Alvarez. This local hot spot has the best beans and rice in town, with favorite dishes like steak with poblano peppers guaranteed to satisfy hungry travelers.

If you want to relax and discover more of the state, enter the Discover Arizona Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip for two to one of these four destinations.

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Discover Arizona with these four destinations

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4 Arizona destinations you need to (re)discover