Choosing a school that’s right for your family

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Jul 24, 2018, 7:57 AM | Updated: 1:28 pm


Every parent wants to give their child the best education possible, and choosing the right school is one of the most important – and often one of the most challenging – decisions a parent faces. With so many choices, it can seem overwhelming, but finding the right fit doesn’t have to be hard if you know what to consider when evaluating options.

First, consider what it is that you want your child to learn. What subject matter and curriculum is important to you?

What we’ve observed at Legacy Traditional Schools is that parents want their children to be taught using a traditional, back-to-basics curriculum that places more of an emphasis on reading, writing and math. Others may have more of a preference for content and elective classes that align more with the students’ interests, perhaps in STEM fields, or the arts.

Is the school accredited? Are the teachers certified? These are important questions to ask.

You also want to consider what you, and your child, are comfortable with in terms of the difficulty of the coursework and academic expectations.

It’s also critical to think about how your child learns best, so you can find an environment that will best support that learning style.

For example, some children learn better through individual study, while other children need more of a participatory or collaborative experience in the classroom. If your child has special needs, you want to find a school that will support them in a way that really allows them to excel and thrive.

Quality education is about a complete experience, and when comparing schools, it’s important to consider the opportunities available to your children outside of the classroom. If your child is an athlete, it’s imperative to find a school with an athletic program that will allow him or her to achieve their full potential. At Legacy Traditional Schools, students create foundations of athleticism, health and confidence from an early age in our Momentum Fitness Program. If your child is passionate about music, look for a school with a band or orchestra program, like Legacy’s Mozart Performing Arts Program that encourages students to grow their talents in music classes four days per week.

Finally, consider the relationship you want to have with your child’s teachers and their school administrators.

Does the school offer an inclusive community? Do you feel like your concerns can be shared, and that they’ll be heard? Are the staff and faculty responsive? How are parents included and communicated with? Children are most successful when parents are included in their studies, and seen as a partner with their teachers.

During the summer months, we encourage you to learn more about all of the options available for your children to get the superior education they deserve. Take the time to find the right fit and ensure your child is set up for success so they can thrive for years to come.

Bill Bressler is the Chief Academic Officer for Legacy Traditional Schools,

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Choosing a school that’s right for your family