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The justices of the Supreme Court

(AP) – The justices of the Supreme Court, in order of seniority, with their age, the presidents who appointed them and when they took their seats on the high court. The chief justice is considered the most senior, regardless of the length of tenure:

_Chief Justice John Roberts, 57, appointed by President George W. Bush, September 2005

_Justice Antonin Scalia, 76, President Ronald Reagan, September 1986

_Justice Anthony Kennedy, 76, Reagan, February 1988

_Justice Clarence Thomas, 64, President George H.W. Bush, October 1991

_Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 79, President Bill Clinton, August 1993

_Justice Stephen Breyer, 74, Clinton, August 1994

_Justice Samuel Alito, 62, George W. Bush, January 2006

_Justice Sonia Sotomayor, 58, President Barack Obama, August 2009

_Justice Elena Kagan, 52, Obama, August 2010

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