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Police officer dancing with girl in wheelchair warms hearts


A Texas police officer won the internet’s heart thanks to a video of him dancing gently with a young girl in a wheelchair.

Juan Mancha was working as the DJ at a quinceañera last weekend when he captured the video of Houston officer Sandy Fernandez’s sweet gesture.

Mancha posted the video to Facebook on Sunday, and by Friday it had been viewed more than 114,000 times.

That’s in addition to the 17,500 views the video has received since the Houston Police Department posted it to Twitter on Tuesday.

Commenters swooned.

Fernandez told CNN he had no idea he was being recorded during the tender moment.

“She stole my heart,” he told the network. “She not only reminded me of my sister, who was born with brain damage and is in a wheelchair, but she also reminded me of my 9-year-old daughter. It really touched my heart to see her so happy.”

And don’t be misled by that cup in his hand. According to Mancha’s Facebook post, the officer was drinking coffee during the festivities, not beer.

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