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He Said: Biltmore Bobby-Q offers cool, light summer options

(Facebook Photo/Bobby Q's Restaurant)

With temperatures rising and pool time sounding more appetizing everyday, it is without surprise that everyone is watching their waistlines and looking for lighter fare.

I took a peek at one of the Valley’s favorite barbecue spot’s new summer menu, and there are quite a few options that even your vegetarian friends would be happy to enjoy. Could Bobby-Q in the Biltmore area of Phoenix be the new perfect place for meat eaters and vegetarians looking for a place to enjoy a meal together? What we found may surprise and delight you.

First, let’s reassure everyone that the awesome barbecue you have come to know from Bobby-Q is still there. We even started with the famous Q-Rolls because you almost have to when visiting.

So never fear, meat eaters, you are still in for a delicious carnivore’s feast. But even the biggest meat eater starts looking for options when the heat gets to be overbearing.

Handcrafted by owner Bob Sikora and executive chef Mark Hittle, each item was also given the seal of approval from Dr. Art Mollen, a renowned local physician and fitness expert known for creating the Art Mollen Fitness Trail on the nearby Arizona Canal.

My new summer bowl favorite is the Sedona, light but packed with protein between the quinoa and beans.

I added the rotisserie chicken because I was craving meat, but the bowl is huge and you can definitely fill up without it. The vegetables are fresh and flavorful, and it’s best to mix it all up before you dig in instead of keeping it all separate.

Here is a complete list of new options:

Sonoran – Organic black beans, traditional guacamole, mango salsa, soyrizo, coconut rice, cashew cream and toasted pepitas served on a bed of julienned romaine.

Phoenician – Coconut infused Basmati rice, peanut sauce, garlic and herb infused lentils, mango salsa, fresh pineapple, avocado and toasted pumpkin seeds served on a bed of spinach.

Sedona – Tri-colored quinoa, organic white beans, roasted butternut squash, cilantro cashew pesto, seared red peppers and onions, served on a bed of shredded kale.

Bob’s Salad – Wood fired rotisserie chicken, walnuts, Fuji apples, sweet cranberries, thinly sliced celery hearts and Purple Haze goat cheese, tossed in Dijon vinaigrette.

Quinoa Salad – Tri-colored quinoa, Kalamata olives, vine ripe tomatoes, English cucumbers, toasted pine nuts and shaved cauliflower, served on a bed of romaine, tossed with Champagne vinaigrette and feta yogurt.

Kale salad – Turkish apricots, slice red beets, toasted almonds, Fuji apples, feta cheese, seared red peppers and onions, tossed in white balsamic dressing.

Market Green Salad – Roasted butternut squash, pomegranate, toasted pumpkin seeds, goat cheese, picked herbs, cider vinaigrette.

One detail not to be overlooked is that these new options are only available at the Biltmore location (32nd Street and Camelback Road), at least for now, and only for the summer.

But given how tasty these bowls and salads are, I expect them to make their way onto the other locations’ menus, or at least from the summer menu to the permanent menu.

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