9 ways to fall in love with your home again

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Jun 25, 2018, 4:11 PM | Updated: Jun 27, 2018, 1:01 am


Your house is your castle and there are few things greater than a well-loved dwelling. But over the years you may find your love fading as you see new and upgraded homes popping up around the Valley. The housing market continues to heat up across Arizona, with an 11% increase of homes purchased from new homebuilders over the last two years. But the flip side of real estate market growth can leave some homeowners priced out of an upgrade.

There has never been a better time to remodel now that real estate values are rising. We’ve pulled our Top  Trending Home Upgrades that are making it easy for you to love your home, not list it.

Replace Microwaves with Statement Range Hoods

Where the microwave used to live over your range, remodelers are taking a cue from professional kitchens and installing range hoods instead. With a variety of design options from matching the flow of your kitchen cabinets to statement stainless steel hoods, your range should get a makeover that fits both fashion and function. Microwaves are making the move to other cabinet areas or may be set into a kitchen island instead.

Single Bowl Sinks

As we experience the culinary renaissance and a new found love for home-cooking, homeowners are replacing their double basin kitchen sinks with large single basin sinks according to HGTV. With more room for pots and pans, this farmhouse inspired trend is not a new concept, but one that leads with functionality to create more room to clean up after a large family meal.

Switch Granite for Quartz Countertops

Quartz is in and the perks are going to make your life so much better. Quartz can offer a more consistent pattern to your counters for a more seamless kitchen design. Quartz also is much lower maintenance than granite and provides a more affordable option for a kitchen refresh.

Tile (Porcelain or Ceramic)

Tile has always been a durable staple in American homes, but 2018 is bringing porcelain and ceramic tile to the forefront again. If you are considering re-doing your floors, choose a tile that can mimic natural stone or even tiles that look like hardwood flooring. Enjoy the durability of tile with the luxury appearance of stone or hardwood with far less upkeep.

LED Recessed Lighting

Lighting can really make or break the mood of your whole home. Wash the walls with light to showcase a new art piece or family photos. Indulge in the details with modern trim styles to really make your recessed lighting pop. LED lighting offers a wide range of color warmth options and price ranges. Add a dimmer on every fixture to always be able to change the mood from homework with the kids to late night entertaining.

“Spa feel” Bathrooms.

Staying in is the new going out. As self-care trends grow, so do the desires to create a bathroom that feels like it deserves its own spa attendant. Create your own paradise with light or neutral color schemes, storage solutions that hide unsightly toiletries and bathing fixtures to a touch of luxury to your bathroom experience. You can carry over the Tile trend here with faux wood tile that brings an element of nature for an even more soothing style.

Accent Walls

A pop of color can bring a room to life, and accent walls are a low-commitment solution to a room refresh. Slate Green is a popular choice to welcome in relaxing earth tones that play well with a neutral room design.

Ditch the Tub for a Bigger Closet

Trade out the tubs from your master bathroom to create a larger walk-in and you’ll never have to argue over whose side is spilling over. More space will leave room for larger built-outs and may also result in more organization.

Fill It In

Bring your home design out of the ‘60s and fill in sunken living spaces and showers. Getting your spaces on a more level playing field will not only bring a more modern look to your home, but also removes tripping hazards and offers more open space for furniture.

In and around the 1970s, many homes were built with a step-down living room or conversation pits. It was a way to break up a room, allow a feeling of higher ceilings and more space, and offered a cozier, intimate area for conversation or entertaining. Over time people have come to realize that it can be rather challenging and even impossible for those who have mobility issue to use those areas. For many, it has become a tripping hazard and an injury waiting to happen. The trend now has been to open up the living space, and put consistent flooring throughout, which includes raising those sunken rooms to the match the level of the rest of the house.

Small upgrades can make a big difference. As you consider your remodel, don’t forget to do your homework on the costs of remodels for kitchens and bathrooms and choose a contractor that you can trust to be reliable with their work and honest about pricing. Schedule an in-home consultation with a remodel expert to create a plan to fall in love with your home all over again.


TraVek Inc is a design-build whole home improvement company, which means we take a project from design to completion. We specialize in remodeling and additions and thoroughly enjoy giving our customers the new kitchen or in-law apartment they’ve been contemplating for years.  Several of our designers render 3-D designs so a customer can see the completed project before the first cabinet is even ordered.



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9 ways to fall in love with your home again