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‘What the Fluff’ challenge makes us all magicians in the eyes of our dogs

(Instagram video/@thefrenchie_loki)

Dogs are cute. Magic is fun.

Dogs reacting to their owners performing a disappearing “magic” act is a perfect combination.

The most recent internet challenge to go viral involves humans holding up a large blanket in front of them in a doorway so the dog can’t see them.

The person then performs the classic disappearing trick, where they drop the blanket and poof! They’re gone.

It’s the What The Fluff challenge.

Now, we can see the person scampering out the doorway and into another room as the blanket falls.

The dogs, who haven’t experienced magic, are confounded by the illusion.

It’s the best type of peek-a-boo! game with the best type of reaction.

Here’s a whole compilation:

If for some reason you don’t want to watch it all, skip to 0:24 to see Loki from the picture above.

Now go out and film your own dog responding to your magic. We want to see them all.

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