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John Travolta, Kelly Preston discuss film ‘Gotti’ with Bruce St. James

Friday marks the release of the feature film ‘Gotti,’ starring John Travolta and Kelly Preston. Bruce St. James of The Bruce St. James & Pamela Hughes Show on KTAR News 92.3 FM met with Travolta and Preston to discuss their roles in the movie, as well as the motion picture itself.

The film tells the story of John Gotti, an infamous crime boss from New York. Travolta and Preston said the viewer will see both the good and bad of Gotti’s behavior.

“You see all of that,” Preston said. “You have the real history, but you also get to see the family life.”

“It’s a balance in this movie of really the details of the rough life and then the home life, too,” Travola added.

Travolta and Preston also discussed with St. James the dynamic of playing a couple on camera while also being married in real life, as well as the historical accuracy of the film.

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