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Here are 8 things to remember about pool safety this summer

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If you have a swimming pool at your home, you’re well aware of your need to protect children – and adults – from possible water hazards.

Here are eight basic precautions to consider, including improvements you may need to make at your home:

1. Never leave a child or children alone in or near a pool or bathtub – even if it’s only for a second or two. In fact a homebuilder in the Phoenix area has an annual campaign “2 Seconds Is Too Long” that everyone should keep in mind. If you have children and need to go in your house, make the kids come with you.

2. Cities and counties throughout Arizona have strict rules requiring that home swimming pools be enclosed in 5-foot tall walls or fences and have no openings that a small child could slip through. There are lots of other rules to check on, including some about locks on gates that need to be followed.

3. Keep the gate locked at all times and repair the lock if it breaks. You might also want to install a lock on the gate leading to your backyard where the pool is located.

4. Install an audible alarm on the pool gate and possibly on the door in your home that opens into the backyard where the pool is located. That way you’ll get a warning if someone

5. At least one adult in the family should learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). You can find classes online run by the American Red Cross, a local hospital or community college.

6. Teach children water-safety rules and enforce those rules on both your children and any friends they bring to the pool.

7. Take your cellphone to the pool because it’s good to have it in emergencies. But don’t get distracted by a text message and forget about the children you are watching.

8. Buy a strong pool cover with locks on it that you can use to protect the pool from intruders when you’re on vacation or if you’re leaving for the summer.

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