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Domino’s Pizza will fix potholes in your city, just ask nicely

Potholes are an ugly fact of urban life.

Citizens call, write or email their local public servants seeking relief from the bumps, bounces, jolts and jerks upon hitting this annoying road hazard.

Pizza might make it all better!

National chain Domino’s has offered to pave potholes in four test cities — Athens, Georgia; Bartonville, Texas; Burbank, California and Milford, Delaware — and is taking requests online to come out and fix this blight in other places.

Why would Domino’s do that? To keep the pizza safe!

Anyone can nominate their city or town for Paving for Pizza.

Domino’s gave Milford a $5,000 grant, which covered the costs of filling 40 potholes.

The city used its own crews. Workers stenciled Domino’s logo and “Oh, yes we did” on the first few cover-ups.

Domino’s said not every chosen city will get $5,000.

Submissions will be taken until Aug. 31.

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