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Pair of Golden Retrievers assist toddler in early morning escapade

Golden Retrievers are well-known for their loyalty to family members, but when do they cross a line?

OK, maybe this instance isn’t that serious. But it was comical to see how this 15-month-old toddler managed to escape her room and walk around the house early one morning.

A video posted on YouTube by an account named Cheese Pups, the child isn’t quite tall enough to reach the doorknob of her room, making her parents question how she managed to walk out on her own.

Ironically, she didn’t do it by herself, she had help from the families’ dogs.

The video shows the two golden retrievers enter the room around 6 a.m., waking up the toddler. The video includes subtitles for what the dogs might be thinking during their efforts to break the child out of the room.

“Hi! Wake up!” the subtitles read as the two dogs smothered the toddler in kisses. “Yo! baby, you can feed us right? I know you can feed us.”

One of the dogs even takes the girl’s stuffed animal as hostage, according to the video.

The footage comes from a camera set up in the child’s room, and ends with her making her way to the hallway, where she was later found by her mother.

The video currently has over 900,000 views since it was posted on June 3, reminding everyone that while golden retrievers love and adore their family, they’ll do anything to be fed in the morning.

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