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Jimmy Kimmel uses self-driving Waymo for prank filmed in Chandler

What would you do if you got into a car and it started driving all by itself — without a driver?

This was the dilemma that Guillermo Rodriguez, the right-hand man to Jimmy Kimmel and oftentimes the subject of the host’s hilarious pranks, was faced with during a recent skit.

Rodriguez was told that he would be the star of a commercial for a new meat-flavored energy drink — but (luckily) there was no meat-flavored energy drink in sight.

Instead, Kimmel decided to use the commercial as bait to get Rodriguez to go into the car without hesitation.

It worked, and Rodriguez did not have any idea that the entire scenario was a prank — until the car started moving on its own.

But luckily it was not technology gone rogue, it was just one of the Waymo self-driving minivans.

The bit, according to, was actually the first advertisement for the ride-share company in an attempt to build awareness for the program.

It was also reportedly shot in Chandler, even though the video does not make reference to it.

With Waymo planning to expand its services in the Valley, I’m sure we will see more of these types of advertisements soon.

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