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Incredible! Zillow posts 20,000-square-foot-home fit for a superhero

(Photo by Zillow)

Just in time for the June 15 release of Incredibles 2, Zillow has listed the Incredibles’ Super-Home onto the market.

Coincidence? I think not!

“All the bells and whistles of a secret lair, but with the space to raise an active family,” the listing reads.

The address, 1444 Incredible Way, Municiberg, is the city in which the Parrs live.

The size – 19,962 square feet, to be exact – might seem unnecessarily large for a four-bed, four-bath home, but don’t forget about the secret entrances and garage concealed by a waterfall.

You never know when you’ll need a discreet get away.

The wide-open living room is perfect guests. It includes remote-control features such as a fireplace and movable flooring to reveal pools that are filled by waterfalls from above.

Huge chandeliers hang from the ceiling like stars.

As soon as superheros can come out of hiding, you can throw the biggest bash the city’s known.

Additionally, the house was filled with smart devices to make chores easy.

The kitchen is large, stocked with modern amenities and includes a beautiful view outside.

In fact, walk upstairs and look down at your party. The house overlooks the entire city of Municiberg. It’s perfect both for aesthetics, and in case a giant, metallic spider is terrorizing the city and you need to see exactly where to go.

We wish all houses could be this special.

But at the same time, it’s probably better if not.

Because when every house is super: none of them are.

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