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Chandler police searching for dog-napper, serial car burglars

A dog-napper thought nothing about reaching over a fence and taking a puppy.

Chandler Police Det. Seth Tyler said the suspect arrived in a gold Nissan Pathfinder.

“He got out of the driver’s seat, looked around and reached over and grabbed the pitbull puppy.”

It happened about 6:30 p.m. on April 13 near Arizona Avenue and Frye Road.

“This was right in downtown Chandler, so this was pretty brazen,” Tyler said.

Not only did the homeowners’ cameras catch the whole thing, but there are body cam pictures from a traffic stop that happened around the same time by the Mesa Police Department.

The puppy was later found wandering around a neighborhood in Maricopa and returned to the owner — but police want this guy caught.

Tyler said, “our detectives believe this individual has been involved in other property crimes.”

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Next, a rash of car burglaries plaguing a Chandler neighborhood near Rural and Ray Roads.

This particular burglary happened at an apartment complex parking lot and a credit card was stolen.

The burglary happened on March 20. The credit card was used almost immediately by two men.

“It was used at two stores in Tempe,” Tyler said. “Luckily, one of the stores had great surveillance.”

The video shows the two men were wearing FedEx jackets and hats, but investigators learned from FedEx that neither works for the company.

Now, police are wondering if the uniforms were stolen and are being used by the thieves as cover for their crimes.

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