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Students gift Chandler teacher his dream Air Jordans on final day

PHOENIX — Some students give apples to teachers. Others bring classroom supplies.

A Spanish teacher at Valley Christian High School in Chandler received a better present on his last day at the school, which happened to fall on his birthday.

He got his dream pair of Jordans.

On April 25, a student at the school posted a video of the teacher, Joe Lara, opening the present from some of the students.

“No way. No wayyy,” he said as he pulled off the wrapping.

“You didn’t.”

A student responded, “We did!” while another pleaded with him to “Just open it.”

“Oh my,” Lara started, as he carefully reached in to pull the wrapper away from the shoe. When he saw the blue and white Jordans inside, he let out a yell.

The students cheered with him as loudly as if he had actually dunked, and he started jumping around.

“My dream shoe!” he yelled.

A different student posted a video of it to YouTube with the caption, “He’s wanted these for ten years.”

The Jumpman Twitter account saw the video and tweeted it out as well.

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