4 mountain biking trails for Weekend Warriors

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Apr 10, 2018, 3:04 PM | Updated: Jan 20, 2020, 1:46 pm

(Photo/Bike List)...

(Photo/Bike List)

(Photo/Bike List)

Hitting the bike trails after a long workday can be a challenge but planning a weekend ride can be a full event when you choose the right trail.

Whether you’re posting a pic from the top of the mountain, or enjoying a nice cold beer when you finish your ride, make sure to text ‘BIKE’ to 620-620 for your chance to win a new Mountain Bike.

If you’re in the Phoenix area, here are four trails to shred with your new ride.

Cruise the Taliesin Loop

The 8.4 mile loop cruises by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home. Whether you’re riding around the trail, or veering toward the golf course, prepare for a steady climb up a winding trail with a loop that gives you scenery and a good heart pump. Veer over to the Quartz Trail for a calf-flexing climb and enjoy the winding cruise on the way down.

ProTip: If you do take the loop around the golf course, pull over for a quick cold beer at the golf club. Try not to stay too long, you’ve got a trail to crush.

Flex your independence on the National Trail

The National Trail, located within the South Mountain Park Preserve, is the perfect combo of scenic with a dash of technical. At 13.1 miles, it’s a moderately challenging route with views to keep you motivated. Keep an eye out for the several abandoned mines just off the sides of the trail for scenery’s sake. Heads up, the route can get busy with friendly hikers on the weekends.

ProTip: Snap a pic on Instagram of the view from the highest point of the trail and tag it with #arizonahighways for a chance to be featured.

Find your moment on Corona de Loma

Connecting the National Trail to the Desert Classic in the South Mountain Park Preserve, the Corona de Loma trail is the route to take when you need to clear your head. This secluded 1.4 mile route will challenge you, your bike and your perseverance. Be prepared to get technical, and maybe hike-a-bike to a post up point for a little peace and quiet.

ProTip: Parking at the Tatum Trailhead is scarce, as the trail can get crowded on weekends and holidays. Keep an eye out for street parking on the drive in.

Master the Full Trail 100

This trail is hidden away in the middle of metro north Phoenix and should be on the top of your list for a challenge. This out-and-back ride is moderately technical but will wear you out at 21.1 miles. Get lost, or follow the trails. There is plenty of exploring to do on this trail, and a few spots to get technical around Dreamy Draw, Shea Boulevard, and under the State Route 51 Freeway.

ProTip: This long desert stretch is a solid workout, but don’t forget to stay hydrated. There is a water pitstop at Dreamy Draw and the North Mountain Visitor Center on 7th Street.

Phoenix has tons of mountain biking trails to crush. When you’re finished hitting the trails, make sure to “Celebrate the Sweat” with a low carb, ice cold beer and text BIKE to 620-620 for your chance to win a new ride.

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4 mountain biking trails for Weekend Warriors