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Apparently you can turn a roll of aluminum foil into a knife

This video gives a new definition to the phrase “anything can be used as a weapon.”

If you’ve ever, for some reason, wondered if you can make a knife out of aluminum foil, you can. You can even watch one YouTuber do it.

The video began with the person hammering a full roll of aluminum foil to make it as dense as possible before cutting it in the shape of a chef’s knife with a hand saw.

He also made sure to attach a wooden handle to the knife — safety first, people.

The video then moved on to the sharpening phase and even provided a side-by-side shot of the aluminum foil blade next to a store-bought blade before the YouTuber demonstrated that the knife actually works.

He used it to cut up a cucumber before he packaged it up where it resembled any other knife you would find at a grocery store.

The video has racked up 2.3 million views in just over a week.

The YouTube user Kiwami Japan who has done similar videos in the past, including sharpening a $1 knife with a $300 whetstone and making a knife out of chocolate.

In total, his videos have received over 52 million views.

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