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Kid loses her mind over My Little Pony DVD, has best day ever

PHOENIX — Sometimes it’s the little things that get the best reaction.

Just ask Julianna, who thought she had just gotten a “regular” My Little Pony movie, but discovered something even better.

Instead of the regular movie she thought she had, the DVD was actually a mermaid My Little Pony movie.

As you can tell, She was pumped about the switch.

“Oh my gosh, I even said the F-word! This is so awesome!” She said in excitement. “I get a donut and this XBox movie.”

And just to be sure everyone at home knew it was the real deal, Julianna brought the DVD up close for her audience to see that it was, in fact, the mermaid movie.

“I’ve never seen Spike like that, he looks like a little pufferfish,” she said as she pointed to the characters. “I love it. I love the new changes.”

Julianna even thinks there may be a new pony. Her excitement peaked.

“Oh my gosh, this is the best day of my life even though it’s a school day,” she said. “It’s the best day of my life, exclamation point! I can’t believe it.”

A $3 date night turned into a priceless moment for Julianna and her family.

The YouTube video, which was published March 27, has 631,146 views as of Sunday.

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