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Dealership bombarded with large hail, multiple vehicles damaged

It isn’t often that we see thunderstorms in the Phoenix area capable of producing hail large enough to cause considerable damage.

Sadly, Alabama isn’t quite as lucky.

Security camera footage from the Mitch Smith Chevrolet dealership in Cullman, Ala. was released to the public on Tuesday, showing the damage to multiple new vehicles caused by baseball-sized hail.

The footage comes from the camera in the right front lot of the dealership, with large ice pellets raining down on the helpless vehicles.

The hail reportedly lasted close to 20 minutes, causing significant damage to two brand new Camaros parked near the camera.

The two vehicles can be seen in the video with the rear windows shattered from the ice.

Sharon Smith, the owner of the dealership, told that only three or four of the nearly 400 vehicles on the lot at the time of the storm weren’t damaged.

The company now has to wait for insurance appraisers to make an assessment of the damage before the vehicles can be sold, but they have already received calls for the vehicles to be purchased at a discounted rate.

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