5 modern kitchen trends for 2018

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Mar 26, 2018, 9:52 AM | Updated: Mar 28, 2018, 1:00 am


The modern kitchen is much different than it’s original intended purpose of being used for simply preparing food. In fact, up until the early 1930s, the kitchen was merely a workroom used for mundane tasks.

Nowadays, kitchens are often the social hub of family get-togethers and social gatherings. With commercial–style cooktops and modern conveniences such as built-in coffee machines, you needn’t leave the house for gourmet dining on a regular basis. You may, however, need to update your kitchen.

Here are some modern updates homeowners are making for mini kitchen makeovers right now.

Flush-installed appliances

Kitchens are becoming sleeker than ever, with flush-installed appliances that practically disappear into the cupboards where they’re embedded. In the past, microwaves were likely the most commonly flush-installed appliance.

Today, top-of-the-line appliance makers such as Sub-Zero and Wolf, Bosch and Miele offer practically any large appliance with flush installation, allowing the homeowner to create a streamlined, modern look.

Commercial-style ranges

The quality of a stovetop range can make or break a cooking experience. When food cooks unevenly or the range heats too slowly, creating a culinary masterpiece becomes a challenge and food quality suffers.

This may be why commercial-style gas ranges are becoming popular with homeowners. Monark Premium Appliance Co. explained that the draw of its BlueStar gas ranges likely stems from their being fully color customizable and because they are known for “their impressive BTU output, which is far more intense than the typical range: think 25,000 BTU compared to the standard 7,000.”

Lustrous range hoods

Formerly, range hoods were made to blend into their background. Today, however, as HGTV explains, “While the main function of a range hood is to remove moisture and heat from the kitchen during cooking, hoods also serve as a key styling element in kitchen design.”

In 2018, homeowners have a surprising variety of range hood styles to choose from. Stainless steel hoods, for one, are beloved by aspiring chefs who love the clean, professional look.

Range hoods can also help create an old-world aesthetic that could complement a European theme or add an artisanal flavor to an otherwise outdated kitchen. Homeowners might consider using unique materials such as bare or painted brick, stone, stucco or copper to accent their range hood, depending on the atmosphere they’d like to create.

Other homeowners have taken the leap to move their range hood out to hang over an island range top, changing the hood from wallflower to major kitchen centerpiece in one fell swoop.

Dark-toned floors

Many homeowners are choosing to either install or paint their cupboards lighter colors to help create a more open-concept feeling in their indoor spaces. A perfect companion for this trend is dark-toned floors, which contrast with bright cabinets but also exude an old-world charm and warm hearth coziness.

With more flooring materials than ever available on the market, homeowners have the freedom to choose whichever medium best matches their lifestyle and their kitchen’s personality.

Built-in coffee machines

Roadside coffee stands may dot the nation, but they could soon be facing some steep competition from your own kitchen with this year’s trend of built-in coffee machines gaining steam. The power to create your own cappuccino, caffe latte or espresso could now be at your fingertips.

Certain varieties of coffee machine, such as those produced by Miele or Wolf do more than offer single or double programs of whatever you’re drinking. They also offer conveniences previously only found in swanky coffee shops, such as a CupSensor that “registers where the cup rim is and adjusts the central spout position accordingly” and “a milk system that easily clicks into place at the front.”

From family dinner nights to holiday celebrations, more and more people are making memories from scratch in their updated modern kitchens. Find more inspiration on the latest kitchen trends and more from

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