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This kindergartner has the moves for a future career as a weatherman

This kid definitely has a future career as a weatherman, but it looks like he might also have what it takes to be an actor or dancer.

A new video showed young Carden Corts giving the “Kindergarten Weather Report” for Nashville, Tennessee. The video had already racked up tens of thousands of views just hours after it was posted on Wednesday.

“I am not an actual meteorologist,” Corts admitted to the viewer at the beginning of the video.

Donning a suit jacket over a graphic T-shirt that showed a bulldog, Corts proceeded to give the audience what they asked for.

Before getting to the actual forecast of the city, Corts uses a “weather simulator” to experience multiple types of environments including a hurricane, blizzard and a tornado.

Corts also has some time to show off some of his dance moves as he lets the viewers know that spring break is almost upon them.

“Yesterday was the first day of spring, and you know what that means. Spring break!” Corts yelled before breaking into some dance moves, which included the Charleston.

After finishing his dance, and throwing his jacket on the ground for some reason, he signs off the broadcast.

“This has been your Waverly Belmont weather report. I’m Carden Corts.”

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