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YouTuber captures gnarly crash during California triathlon on GoPro

If you are easily queasy, you might want to click off of this article.

A YouTuber posted a video of his gnarly crash that occurred during a triathlon in California — all of which was captured on a GoPro.

User BillTheThrill posted the video with the title, “Wait until the Morphine Hits – GoPro Triathlon Fail.”

The video shows Bill participating in the EXTERRA Triathlon in Laguna Beach.

At first, he started off strong, getting through the swimming portion with ease.

But then he hopped on his bike — and almost immediately ran into trouble.

Bill was biking along when all of the sudden he started to veer off course — and immediately crashed.

But this was no ordinary crash: This was a flip-over-the-bike, land-on-your-face type of crash. He flew more than 25 feet after hitting the soft patch of sand and landed face first on a rock.

Bill was immediately knocked out — you could even hear him snoring on tape — and a bunch of racers could be seen coming to his rescue.

The first responders and rescue helicopter then came to help Bill, who was more than happy to take a helicopter to help.

Bill ultimately suffered a traumatic brain injury, sprained wrist and a broken tail bone, but left in good spirits.

Bill also raised nearly $9,000 on GoFundMe for his recovery costs — and to buy a little something special for his girlfriend, Mariana, who helped him during his recovery.

The was originally posted in 2015 as an unlisted video. This latest repost has been viewed more than 14,400 times since Tuesday.

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