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LA man takes his telescope for a walk, video goes viral

It started simple: one night, Los Angeles resident Alex Gorosh was bored at his apartment.

He decided to take his telescope on a walk.


“Oh my god.”

“Oh my god.”

“Oh my god.”

A video produced by Gorosh of him sharing his telescope with random pedestrians who approached him went viral over the last week. A montage of different types of people – children, middle-aged, a police officer – peered into the telescope, which typically evoked similar reactions.


“Oh, wow.”

“Yeah, wow.”

“Bro, that look like that’s right down the street, man!”

Gorosh moved the video camera toward the viewfinder, allowing viewers to get their own view of the moon. The shadows of the crescent are evident craters are visible.

“It makes you realize that we are all on a small little planet, and we all have the same reaction to the universe we live in,” he said in the video.

As of Friday evening, the video of people forming lines to peer at the object we see in the sky everyday had more than 136,000 views.

And just as it started, the ending of the video was simple as well.

“It’s a great reminder that we should look up more often,” Gorosh said.

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