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Spring is the season to get your air conditioner revved up for summer

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Spring in Arizona is when we start thinking about baseball, summer vacations — and your air conditioner.

If you haven’t already done so, you might schedule a tune-up visit with an HVAC professional, particularly when your air conditioner is more than a few years old.

Problems they might look for include deterioration in your capacitor – the device that operates something like a car battery for an A/C. It sends an electrical impulse to the air conditioner so that it comes on.

Technicians will also look for leaks of Freon or refrigerant, water leaks in drain lines inside the house, and a noisy fan motor that might mean that motor might need replacing.

It is better to take care of those things now rather than in mid-July when the thermometer is in the triple digits.

Among other items a technician will check: thermostats, the blower assembly, refrigerant pressures, compressor, and evaporator and condenser coils.

Doing key repairs doesn’t mean your air conditioner will operate perfectly for another 12 months, but this way, some big issues can be fixed in advance.

HVAC professionals charge for these inspections. Some also offer annual maintenance agreements. Read all the terms before you sign up.

It’s also important for you to do some personal maintenance of your A/C system all year round:

  • Change the air intake filters on your system once a month. This can help control the dust and allergens in your HVAC system and your house.
  • Remove debris, plants, fallen branches or equipment of various kinds from the area around your outdoor compressor so you don’t interfere with air flow.

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