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We made people try spicy chips for National Potato Chip Day

In case you were unaware, Wednesday is National Potato Chip Day.

To celebrate the big day, we decided to make ask some of our hosts and reporters try some varying flavors of chips — a majority of which were pretty spicy.

Those brave enough to step to the table were asked to rank them as well based on flavor, but that went out the window fairly quick after a few bites. In the end, however, it seemed like the Tapatio Doritos were the most popular.

And before you comment below, we are well aware that Doritos are in fact corn — and not potato — chips, but it’s the thought that counts. A big thanks to Jim Sharpe from Arizona’s Morning News for making sure we stay honest.

Our favorite reaction was probably from reporter Ali Vetnar, who couldn’t even finish her portions. Her favorite word must be, “nope,” as she sure said it a lot.

Pamela Hughes let her producer, Steve Zinsmesiter, take the fall when it came to trying the spiciest items first and we can’t really blame her.

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