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Man turns boring vehicle door chime into classic hit

You know that one song you listen to every time you get in the car? Imagine having it play by just simply opening your door.

Sure, that may be a little too much for some people. But not for this guy.

The video posted by 8 Bit Universe showed the effort one man went through to play the group’s techno cover of the famous 1982 song by Toto, “Africa.”

The man transformed the annoying sound that captures all of our attention when we open our car doors into a classic beat with a little bit of modern techno mixed in.

Overall, the task didn’t seem too difficult to pull off. The man simply found the wiring, unplugged the original door chime and plugged in a new device that plays the new theme.

Though, we aren’t quite sure how he managed to create the device that looks extremely similar to the original.

Either way, the man now has perhaps the only Volvo 240 — or any vehicle for that matter — that plays the classic hit.

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