A day in the life of an adoptable Arizona dog

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Mar 14, 2018, 8:45 AM | Updated: Mar 16, 2018, 1:00 am


Man’s best friend. Our loyal, best furry friend by our side through thick and thin. Your dog!

But some dogs make a pit-stop in their journey as they wait to find their forever family.

Fortunately, there are organizations like the Arizona Humane Society that play an important part in that journey.

What’s it like to be a dog in the shelter? Let’s take a look at a day in the life of an adoptable Arizona dog:

Animal admission process

A dog that has just arrived at the Arizona Humane Society may have been brought in by an owner who could no longer care for them or by AHS’ emergency animal rescue team or animal cruelty investigators because it was sick, injured or abused.

In that case, Fido will be treated medically for any injuries or illnesses, put on a feeding schedule (particularly if he’s been neglected and is underweight), socialized and spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

If additional time to heal is needed, AHS’ Alternative Placement Department will turn to the organization’s foster heroes to help the dog recover medically and/or emotionally from any mistreatment, adjust socially and be ready for a family to adopt.

Once happy and healthy, Fido will need a photo shoot to share his friendly face online, on social media and even in local newspapers and TV stations as part of regular programming that helps match people in the community with potential pets.

Check out some of the recent superstars photographed for the Arizona Humane Society here.

The search for Fido’s forever family

Often times, while they await a new home, adoptable dogs are a part of outreach programs. Organizations like the Arizona Humane Society have a tremendous focus on education – and the pets help bring that message to the community.

AHS provides various programs in schools, workshops, birthday parties, scout programs and variety of hands-on summer camps. Some dogs and other shelter animals even help students gain confidence with reading (OK, well, the kids do the work while the pets get to listen).

Animal welfare agencies work ferociously to protect the animals they are entrusted with and to help them get adopted. AHS’ role in the Valley is bit unique as they care for the Valley’s most vulnerable pets – the sick, injured and abused homeless animals right here in our community.

See how you can help their efforts here.

Keeping adoptable pups happy and healthy

Man’s best friend just got a big helping hand at the Arizona Humane Society’s Sunnyslope Campus thanks to PetSmart Charities, Inc. and Sunburst Landscaping, which have unveiled a Pop-Up-Pup Park and Walking Path.

The PUP Park and Walking Path was made possible by two important donations.

The first, from PetSmart Charities set the project in motion as the charity donated the pop-up-park structure, which includes 340 feet of expandable fencing, three clean-up stations, benches and solar-powered lighting, all of which fits neatly inside of an innovative storage unit that resembles a shipping container.

The second donation came from Sunburst Landscaping, which created a walking path between the Sunnyslope Campus and the new park area, which was previously an unimproved overflow parking lot owned by the Arizona Humane Society. The walking path is lined with scent markers (squirrel, fox and raccoon) to provide mental stimulation to the dogs as well as desert-adaptive plants and a level playing area for the animals.

“Pets play such an important role in all of our lives, and they’re also core to our business,” said Don Gabbard, founder and CEO of Sunburst Landscaping, which also distributes the pet-friendly Easy Turf artificial turf brand in Arizona.

“And so we’re honored to help the Arizona Humane Society and PetSmart Charities with their shared mission of improving pets’ lives.”

The Arizona Humane Society places more than 13,000 pets each year. AHS staff and volunteers see the new PUP Park and Walking Path as an important asset that will help maintain the physical and mental well-being of the animals as they await placement in to Valley homes.

About Sunburst Landscaping  Sunburst Landscaping has been transforming Arizona for more than 40 years. Owned and operated by Don Gabbard, the company provides residential and commercial landscaping design and installation throughout metro Phoenix, and is the exclusive Arizona dealer for Easy Turf.

Sunburst Landscaping

A day in the life of an adoptable Arizona dog