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Scorpion season in the Valley is quickly approaching

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LISTEN: Scorpion season is quickly approaching

PHOENIX — As temperatures start climbing into the 80s across the Valley, expect to see scorpions coming out.

Ben Holland, founder of Scorpion Sweepers, said his Phoenix-based pest control company is already getting calls from people who have spotted scorpions in and around their homes.

“They should be out in full force by the end of March,” Holland said. “They’re going to come out, and they’re not going to have eaten for a while so they’re going to be pretty active initially.”

He said scorpions should be coming out trying to find food in the next few weeks. Their main food source is crickets, so Holland said if you start seeing crickets in your home, it may be a sign of a scorpion infestation.

Scorpions can be found in various parts of the Valley, including mountainous areas and regions with desert landscapes. In addition, new construction can disturb scorpions’ habitat, pushing them into nearby houses and properties.

Holland said some urban neighborhoods, including several in Tempe, have also had a scorpion problem for years.

He said spraying pesticides isn’t always the best way to get rid of these creepy crawlers.

“We really believe in a non-chemical solution,” he said. “It tends to be a lot more effective than actually spraying.”

Holland pointed to research by several University of Arizona professors that shows using an ultraviolet light to find and remove scorpions, also known as population control, is one of the best ways to get rid of them. He noted scorpions fluoresce under a UV light, so it’s easy to spot them.

He said the research findings mirror much of what his company does to get rid of scorpion infestations. He said they find the scorpions using the UV light, remove them from the property, and then get rid of whatever was creating a habitat for them.

“We’re all about taking a holistic approach,” he said.

Holland said the season for scorpion activity will begin to diminish as soon as the nighttime lows get into the 40s. He said that usually occurs in November.

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