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Hip not: Utah House makes hilariously bad video about lawmaking

A Twitter video posted Wednesday showed Utah’s House of Representatives as they rapped, or attempted to rap, about how a bill becomes a law over the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme.

And it’s worse than you’d think.

The video, posted to the Utah House’s Twitter, featured multiple representatives as they rapped wildly off-beat and in a way that would make Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff ashamed.

Maybe the legislators need to rewatch an episode of the show because they were having trouble getting the melody right.

Some of the representatives even tried to dress and act the part. They wore backwards baseball caps and waved their arms around sporadically as they tried to imitate hip-hop artists.

There are also scenes where some of the lawmakers tried to act and, if they’re acting for a comedy, they didn’t do a bad job.

You do have to give them credit for trying to inform the voter on the legislative process and you can tell they are passionate about it.

But maybe they should try a different genre of music next time.

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