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Neighbors come together for ‘Neighbor Dance Challenge’

PHOENIX – One should never underestimate the power of dance, it may just make you a few new friends.

At least, that was the goal for one YouTube creator when he decided to invite his neighbors over for a friendly dance party.

Michael Callaghan admitted on his YouTube channel that he had never met most of his neighbors before he decided to knock on their doors and invite them over.

Reluctantly, they agreed to join him in what he now calls the “Neighbor Dance Challenge.”

The video shows Callaghan turning on a catchy tune and encouraging each neighbor to join him in whatever dance they please.

Despite being unfamiliar with one another, each neighbor seemed to have enjoyed the opportunity to leave it all on the dance floor.

Now, Callaghan is encouraging others who are feeling adventurous to record their own version of the challenge.

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