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Elephants greeting new members of their sanctuary is adorable

A new video making its way around the internet show how elephants greet new members of their sanctuary.

The video shows a herd of seven gigantic elephants as they come barreling through a pasture to greet the new orphan. You can also hear the animals as they cry while they rush toward the enclosure containing the new member of their family.

You watch as the new baby elephant reacts to the commotion around it and as the elephants curiously stick their trunks through the openings toward the it.

Despite the aggressive look of the animals as they come toward the new member, they act peaceful toward the young elephant.

The elephants in the video are part of the Save Elephants Foundation. The Thailand-based organization is dedicated to protecting Asian elephants; they have multiple projects and sanctuaries to contribute to this effort.

Asian elephants are currently endangered; the foundation estimates that there are fewer than 30,000 of the species left. Human encroachment, poaching and sport killing are among the many reasons for the decline of the species.

The foundation is creating a haven for the animals and offers multiple ways to donate or help out the cause, including sponsoring your very own elephant.

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