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Foreigner produces smiles by speaking Hindi with people in India

Traveling to a foreign country can be intimidating but learning the language ahead of time can help produce smiles while getting acclimated to the culture.

One tourist showed an example of this practice in action in a four-minute YouTube clip.

Talking to a variety of people in the country including a milk man, flight attendant, rickshaw driver, shop keeper, airport security and even children in a hostel, our narrator shows that learning some of the language can surprise locals in a good way and produce a lot of smiles.

Basically everyone in the clip warmed up to him as he slowly proved his skills in the language, taking some natives by surprise.

One of our favorite parts was at the 2:25 mark in the video, where the narrator tries raj kachori, an Indian sweet made from potato, coconut and sugar. Looks delicious to us!

(YouTube Screenshot) Raj Kachori

You can enjoy some of the biggest smiles in the slideshow and wants to know what foreign language you can speak in the comments section below.

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