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This 90-second video about a blue marble will capture your attention

Some people have way too much time on their hands — but it’s great for the rest of us.

A new video posted to YouTube shows the path of a marble as it moves along a tilted coffee table through an elaborate set of obstacles before reaching its final destination: A glass cup.

The Rube Goldberg-esque set-up was made by YouTube user Kaplamino and the video, simply titled “The blue marble,” has gained more than 275,000 views since it was posted on Super Bowl Sunday.

Kaplamino explains some of the building process in the description of the video.

“After 3 months of work and probably more than 500 fails, I’m happy to present you my best video ever,” Kaplamino wrote. “Because everything is in a tilted plane, the hard part was to find different ways of having the marble riding up along the table.”

Kaplamino used a unique set of magnets, falling weights, catapults and more so that the marble could continue its journey.

Kaplamino has a number of other odd videos that feature objects like magnets, marbles, Slinkies and billiard balls. His channel has more than 19 million views total.

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