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Adam Sandler and Chris Rock team up in wedding themed ‘The Week of’

Have you ever worried that your parents were going to absolutely ruin your wedding day?

That is the premise of Adam Sandler’s upcoming Netflix film where he plays the father of a bride, alongside Chris Rock, who plays the father of the groom.

The film is called ‘The Week of’ and it’s planned to be released via Netflix only on April 27th. A trailer for the film has been released on

Sandler and Rock play dimwitted fathers who journey together to make their children happy on the biggest night of their lives.

The trailer portrays a prototypical white family (with Sandler as the patriarch) and a prototypical black family (with Rock as the patriarch) in unique positions where there cultural differences must be overcome.

This is not the first time Sandler and Rock have teamed up for big movies. The duo worked together in Grown Ups in 2010, which has grossed over $271 million and Grown Ups 2 in 2013, which has grossed over $247 million.

In fact, for Sandler, this isn’t even the first time he has starred in a movie about weddings. Sander was the lead actor in ‘The Wedding Singer’ in 1998, which has grossed over $123 million.

‘The Week of’ is the final film of a four-film deal signed between Sandler and Netflix. The first three, The Ridiculous 6, The Do-Over and Sandy Wexler were released from 2015 through 2017.

Rock signed a $40 million deal with Netflix in 2016 for two stand-up comedy specials.

Lets hope that ‘The Week of’ doesn’t end like some of these wedding fails.

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