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Radio announcer gives hilarious play-by-play in attempted carjacking video

The internet went a buzz on Thursday, shortly after the Seattle-based radio station KIRO 97.3 FM posted a video of a potential car thief attempting to break into one of its employee’s cars.

We say “potential” and “attempted” for a reason — things did not necessarily turn out well for the man.

Not only was the man not able to carjack the vehicle, he failed so epicly that the announcers at KIRO — a sister station of KTAR News 92.3 FM — could not help but make fun of him a little bit.

In order to poke fun at the situation, John Curley of The Tom and Curley Show gave a play-by-play of what exactly the vandal was able to do.

(Hint: Not much.)

According to the radio station, the carjacking attempt took place on Jan. 31 and the suspect is still at-large.

But it may not take very long to find him: Since the video was posted, it has been shared more than 4,000 times on Twitter and hundreds of times on Facebook.

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