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Little girl declares her love for waffles through tearful Facebook video

You know the saying, “kids say the darndest things”? Well, sometimes, kids also cry about the darndest things.

Take this video from California mom, Julia Barrow Rowland, for example.

Rowland, a mom of three, is well-versed in the practice of handling freakouts. But she might have never seen this one coming.

Rowland posted a video of her daughter crying on Facebook. But the little girl was not crying because she was hurt, upset or even wanting anything that she could not have.

The little girl was crying because…she couldn’t stop dreaming about waffles.

(Cue the “aws.”)

Yes, that’s right, waffles. Apparently the little girl already had them for her last two meals, but she just could not get enough.

But her love of waffles has gained a lot of support: The original video has been viewed more than 664,000 times and been shared more than 12,000 times — including to YouTube — since it was first posted three weeks ago.

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