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This video of men cleaning the snow off their roof is oddly satisfying

Living in central Arizona means you probably don’t have to deal with snow very often, especially multiple feet of snow piled on your roof.

But if you ever do, this new viral video might be able to help you. In fact, you might want to move to a more chilly climate just so you can try it out.

A video of a couple guys cleaning the roof of what looks like to be a motel in Japan is not only informative — but very satisfying to watch.

The cameraman offers the viewers a look inside the house. The video shows the snow as it arches over the roof with icicles sticking out. The video then cuts to the other man using a stick to strike the top of the roof as the snow plummets down to the street.

The cameraman can be heard laughing as his accomplice runs away from the heavy, falling snow.

The group does the same thing two more times around the building. One time, the stick gets stuck in the deep snow. He has to do it twice before he is able to pull of the stunt.

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