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Watch this German shepherd try to intimidate a feather

German shepherd’s are famous for being an intelligent and incredibly agile breed of dog, often times used as K9 units withing a police force.

However, they can also be incredibly loving and a trustworthy companion.

While we are sure this German shepherd is obedient to its owner, we aren’t sure if it lives up to the other intimidating characteristics.

A video posted Tuesday by a YouTube channel called Pomegranate Sunshine shows exactly that.

The German shepherd in the video — and in many others on the channel — is seen barking outside in the yard. Let’s be honest, that bark would be intimidating for anyone on the other end of it.

But in this case, the intimidation was directed at a feather.

The title of the video is “German shepherd being a great attack dog,” but below in the description contradicts that statement with “oh wait, no he isn’t.”

The video is rather funny, especially taking into consideration that the dog was afraid of the harmless object. Others thought so too, as the video has gained more than 58,000 views.

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