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YouTube video shows off epic self-direction campaign

What would you do if you were trying to prove yourself to some of the best marketing companies in the world?

If you aren’t exactly sure, maybe you can use the same technique as Scott Overend, who decided he was ready to move on from his personal finance blog and land a job with a big firm.

Not only did he create his own website, he created possibly the most epic “hypothetical” marketing campaign ever. And to top it all off, he was marketing himself.

Overend published a video of his hypothetical work on YouTube on Jan. 5, showing off his skills of the (self-)direction he would take in order to impress marketing companies.

Overend says his dream is to work as a copywriter for an ad agency, and thought of what he would do to land a job in that field.

The video is a work of art, as he uses everything that he “would do” if he were to work for a marketing agency — including creating his own cryptocurrency because “if you don’t have your own cryptocurrency these days, you’ve already failed.”

The video has earned over 200,000 views so far, an impressive mark for a channel that has just over 200 subscribers.

Whether or not Overend landed a job is still unknown, but if he were to make similar videos he might have a career on YouTube to fall back on.

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