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Nine home remodeling trends that are hot this year

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We all know that remodeling trends can come and go, ebb and flow.

What’s hot today is probably going to be cool tomorrow but it’s always fun to look at the latest remodeling magazines and find out what manufacturers are pushing and what some homeowners are buying.

So here are some of the ins and outs — plus pros and cons — of the latest trends popping up:

Standalone bathtubs

Lots of homeowners take out their bathtubs and don’t replace them, instead opting for a shower only. If they do crave a tub, they choose romantic-looking standalone or freestanding models, although those chic tubs that resemble a work of modern art can cost many thousands.

The advantage of a standalone is that it can take up less space. The disadvantage is that they’re often made of very heavy materials that can mean reinforcing your floor.

They also may be hard to climb into and hard to climb out. Plumbing for a standalone can also be a challenge.

Curbless showers and wet rooms

Homeowners seem to be tired of shower stalls and glass doors, so, in some cases, they’re trying out curbless models that allow for easier access as they get older.

Going curbless means you have to design the shower carefully so water drains away from the rest of the room. Sometimes remodelers build special rock-lined channels inside the shower to serve as drains.

The latest concept is the wet room. Wet rooms look like giant showers and have a bathtub inside, as well as a shower. The idea is that all the water and splashing around is done in one place, making it easier to clean up.

Grab bars that match other fixtures

Grab bars are always handy, no matter what your age. Remember that they must be securely fastened to a stud in your walls in order to make them totally safe.

Kitchen islands

You wonder sometimes whether it’s possible to sell a house anymore if it doesn’t have an island. Some islands are even designed to serve as dining room tables.

It’s one of those trends that just doesn’t want to quit.

White- or light-colored kitchen cabinets

Contemporary-style cabinets are in, including white- or gray-painted surfaces. Some homeowners even go for a tuxedo look — a combination of dark and light cabinets.

While this look can be achieved with a literal interpretation of black and white, consider using colors such as navy blue and soft gray for a softer contrast

Mix-and-match finishes and metals

Besides mixing it up with different colors of paint on their kitchen cabinets, homeowners are mixing and matching metals.

In other words, you can have chrome door knobs and a wrought iron chandelier in the same room. You can have gold-painted legs on your coffee table and a lamp with a silvery base.

Great rooms

Open-plan living with rooms that flow into each other continues to be popular and shows no signs of disappearing.

Countertops that aren’t granite

After years of trying, quartz and other engineered materials are gaining traction against granite in the countertop market.  

Engineered “stone” can give a kitchen interesting effects and is often easier to care for. They’re durable and eye-catching and don’t need the kind of special care that granite requires.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring

More and more homeowners are choosing this type of flooring instead of real wood because it’s so easy to care for and is much easier to install. It’s also less costly, of course.

If you’re interested, check out the thickness and edge treatments, the company’s reputation and the warranty.

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