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Barack Obama is first guest on new David Letterman Netflix show

All dads should know their place with their daughters.

That’s what former President Barack Obama says anyway.

On David Letterman’s new Netflix show, Obama told Letterman a story when the late, great “Prince” asked the former president’s daughter, Sasha, on stage to dance during a performance.

Shortly after, Sasha pulled her dad on stage with her.

Surprised, Obama didn’t try any outlandish dance moves. Instead, he stayed “in the pocket” as to not ruin his daughter’s big moment with the pop icon.

“Sasha pulls me up which surprises me because she always mocks my dancing,” Obama said in the clip, which is now on Netflix.

“But I have dad moves. And, I think the key is what we call staying in the pocket.

“Right? You got to stay in the pocket. … (Dads) are trying stuff they can’t really pull off. You know, they start doing like karate kicks and all kinds of stuff.”

He stops and points at Letterman, “Is that one of the things you do?”

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