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Have weekly goals instead of New Year’s resolutions, Valley expert says

Well it’s been two weeks, how are your family’s New Year’s resolutions going?

“[I’m] not a fan of New Year’s resolutions because I’m not a fan of failing,” said Dr. Alison Steier, mental health services director for Southwest Human Development.

But families should have goals that can be tracked over the year, she said.

“I mean, if it’s a once-a-year thing and you say, ‘This year I’m going to do it,’ and then a month from then you find that you’re not doing it,” she said. “That’s a terrible feeling and not particularly motivating.”

Instead, families can sit down and come up with age-appropriate, reasonable, traceable goals as a unit.

“If on a weekly basis, you sit with your children and you think together about ideas that you have for your family and what it takes to achieve those,” she said. “I think that’s a really good lesson for kids.”

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