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Child interrupts Al Jazeera interview and steals the show

During an interview, Al Jazeera had their BBC moment when the interviewee’s kid waltzed into the shot.

Daniel Smith-Rowsey, a professor and film historian, was called on Al Jazeera to talk about the Golden Globes when his 5-year-old son, Rainier, stole the show.

“That’s my child, excuse me,” Smith-Rowsey said when Rainier entered the Skype shot.

But host Sohail Rohman assured him that they were “quite happy to have youngsters on the program”.

Rainier proceeded to wave to camera, use his dad as a track for his Hot Wheels race car and climb on him like a monkey while his dad tried to field questions from the reporter.

The video echoes a BBC interview from last year where a professor was interrupted by his two children.


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