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Valley pastor says fearful parents may be hurting their kids in the future

Whether their children are newborns or full-grown adults, parents are always fearful that something bad could happen to them — and one Valley pastor said that isn’t a good thing.

“I’ve talked to dads who have a 5-month-old son or daughter and they haven’t slept for five months,” Travis Brown, a former NFL quarterback and current pastor for Christ’s Church of the Valley in Scottsdale, said.

Parents might fear that their life is falling apart and that they will never sleep again, but Brown said they should not worry.

“When we think about all the biggest growth times in our lives, it was probably because of failure,” he said.

Brown said parents need to play out some of their biggest fears in their head and ask themselves, “So what? So what if they fall off the bike? What if they fail the test?”

“As parents, we need to let them fail,” he said.

Parents also try to convince themselves that they are the only one that bad things happen to. But Brown said that is not the case.

“I’m the only one that has a kid that’s acting this way, I’m the only one that’s messing them up, I’m the only one that made a mistake,” he said.

By worrying all the time, Brown said all parents are doing is pushing those fears onto their kids.

“Most of the time the things that we fear don’t come to fruition,” he said. “So if we can get through the anxiety and not pass that on to our kids, boy, what an impact.”

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