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New year, new diet: Here’s how parents can stay healthy in 2018

Every year, parents join many others who decide to make a dietary change as a New Year’s resolution.

“Really every day, every meal, every hour is a chance for a reset to do something new,” said Jessica Lehmann, a local registered dietitian. “So we shouldn’t feel like we have to wait for one day out of the year to make that change.”

People can make a change in October or May or July, she said. But since it happens to be January, what are some diet tips that moms and dads can stick to?

“I really actually would encourage people to pick a small change and stick with it,” Lehmann said, adding that parents should try to replace chips with plain popcorn or add a vegetable to their meals every day.

Lehmann also said a planned out, structured meal that contains all the necessary nutrients is healthy, but cutting back on eating in general is not so healthy.

“That can really wreak havoc with your metabolism and make it much harder to stay at a healthy weight even years later,” she said.

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