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Google Home gives this Italian grandmother the fits in YouTube video

Google Home was one of the hottest Christmas gifts of the year, but some people who received it found it difficult to operate.

Take this Italian speaking grandmother attempting to operate her new device.

In the video it appears as though the 85 year-old gets the weather portion of the device working properly, even if it gave her a slight surprise.

Through her thick Italian accent, it seems as though the device is confused when she calls out, “hey, googoo!” or, “okay, googoo!”

Throughout the clip she was seen frustratingly tapping the device to wake it up.

Finally, the defeated main character of this YouTube Google Home story gives up shouting, “Okay… Do it!”

At the end of the day, even if the jolly young lady doesn’t figure out how to operate her new device, it seems like she had fun trying, and gave us a good laugh in the process!

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