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Relive the top songs of 2017 with this musical mashup

PHOENIX — With 2017 winding down, that gives us plenty of time to reflect on this year’s top moment, trends, stories, movies and songs.

One way to do that with music is by making a mash up. A mashup when you take multiple different songs and combine or mix them into one longer song.

Mashup artist Andy Wu is putting his spin on end-of-year summaries with his latest piece of art posted on YouTube. Even Buzzfeed has posted about how the emotional mashup is sure to give you some feels.

Wu took the top songs of 2017 and mixed them into one 10 minute YouTube clip. It is called “Perfect Struggle” and broken into six different sections titled Cultivate, Struggle, Heal, Intensify, Relive, and Perfect.

The mash up takes pieces of 118 songs, according to Wu’s Facebook page.

On the description of the video on Wu’s YouTube post, he explains how “Perfect Struggle” is driven from the emotions of his year overall.

Earlier in the year, Wu’s YouTube channel was deleted due to copyright issues causing him to question if he would ever make another mashup again, represented in the “Struggle” portion of his clip. By the end of the year, his site was up again and he was back to mashing, represented in the “Perfect” chapter of the song.

Surely, a lot our years had some crazy ups and downs. What were your favorite songs or chapters from Wu’s mashup?

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