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Jenga ‘wizard’ dazzles viewers after wobbly start to YouTube video

Never pull out an unsupported block — that’s what Jenga players are always taught.

But one particular man didn’t listen at a recent holiday gathering. The man is a Jenga wizard, apparently.

In a recent YouTube video, the man approached the table because it was his turn to remove one of the blocks.

But, he was off to a wobbly start once he began his move.

The game was near its end and the man opted to pull out a middle piece that had seven stacks of wood on top of it. The piece he went for was more than halfway out.

He positioned himself and counted to three. Then, he yanked the wooden piece back like a bee had just stung his hand.

When the stack of wood quickly jumped into the air, the man left his hand out. He stood and waited. It was if Michael Jordan had just shot the ball for the NBA Championship. Then, his mouth dropped.

The stack of wood landed perfectly back in place, like a magnetic force pulled it back to its original spot.

As of of Tuesday night, the video had more than 80,000 views.

Everyone at the party was amazed, too

One person yelled, “Are you kidding me?”

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