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Lightsabers are traded in for guitars in ‘The Last Shredi’

It’s been a crazy week for Star Wars fans as the new movie “The Last Jedi” hit theatres.

With so much Star Wars aurora going around, Stuart Edge and company decided to go with a more non-traditional look, trading in lightsabers for guitars.

The battle started off with two figures — one a jedi, one a sith — when the sith lord bumped into the jedi.

Unphased by the rudeness, the jedi sprung into action summoning his mighty axe, while the sith responded with a guitar of his own.

The battle ensued.

To the tunes of the movie itself, “The Last Shredi” battle went back and forth with both sides slaying the classic scores.

Then, out of nowhere, comes a third member — looks similar to Rey — who blows the other two away as soon as she hits the cords.

The battle ends with all three jamming out.

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