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Must-see video by YouTube’s Slow-Mo Guys gets almost 3M views

An Oldsmobile sustained massive damage with a buckled rear tire and a smashed passenger side door.

But the vehicle’s damage was no accident.

The Slow-Mo Guys, a duo from the United Kingdom, turned a field into a makeshift wrecking yard for some experiments with an 8,000-pound wrecking ball and a giant crane.

“You can drive it sure,” Daniel Gruchy said immediately after the steel ball hit the car. “But how are you going to pick up chicks?”

Gruchy is one-half of the team that includes Gavin Free as the Slow-Mo Guys, who have become a YouTube sensation. The team films stunts and then slows the camera down so viewers can see the full effect.

And, plenty of viewers have watched. As of Saturday night, the latest post had 2.8 million views.

Free admits he doesn’t know the exact outcome.

“We don’t even know what’s going to happen,” Free said in the video post. “We are learning all the time.”

Next up, a sport utility vehicle gets hit by the mighty metal ball.

As expected, the wrecking ball knocked the SUV on its side.

“How are we going to move it?” Gruchy asked. “… Wrecking ball?”

After the men were done with their stunts, one word summed it all up.